Back. To. School… for real.

Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

Our elementary pod of children is created to help your child engage in the online curriculum of their school, give them an opportunity to socialize with other Piper alums, and enjoy in-person activities such as art, science, and woodshop. 

Daily Schedule

8:15am or 8:45am – 12pm: Teacher-guided online school, as well as a rotation of activities.

12pm – 1:30pm or 2pm: Outdoor lunch and playtime until pick-up.

Everything can be completed via the form below, except for the LIC 701 | Physician’s Report, which will need to be downloaded and returned to Nicole prior to your child’s attendance. It also might be helpful to download our School Calendar and Piper Parent Handbook. Lengthy read… but if you like Nicholas Sparks, you’ll love it. *If you were previously enrolled, you do not need to resubmit forms.

This completed form and payment are due within 7 days of issuance.