• Preschool Enrichment & Extended Care | Session 1 | September 12th - December 9th

    Enrichment classes are offered from 2pm-3pm for our Ruby & Bluebell classes.
  • Move over, bacon. Whether it’s to build mazes, legomobiles, mountains, or even submarines, our future Frank Lloyd Wrights will be learning perspectives, foundations, and structural buildings… all through the land of Legos.
  • ¡Hola amigos míos! ¡Ven y únete a nosotros! (Hello my friends! Come join us!) Join our Spanish language circle time as we play, and learn, and sing together. We will build our vocabulary and discover how to express ourselves in another language all while having fun. Buenos tiempos para todos! (Good times for all!)
  • Put on your lab coats as we explore the ingredients to make slime with unique colors, textures, and consistencies - fluffy slime, sandy slime, glittery slime, heat sensitive slime, and so many more. It’s going to be the mess your children crave. Best part: It’s not in your home.
  • From rock to Bach, we’ll spin some tunes as we stretch, bend, and move our bodies to the beat.
  • Michelangelo Schmichelangelo. Your child will be creating their own masterpieces using different types of clay and plaster. This sensory experience is sure to break the mold.
  • Put your astronaut suits on and get ready to launch into outer space! In this class, the sky is definitely not the limit! We will learn about all the things that make up our solar system, including the Sun, the planets, and asteroids! We will dive deep into their galactic interests - from constructing our own rocket ships to making galaxy slime, and much more!
  • Measuring, hammering, and chewing tobacco* your children will learn about various tools and safety while creating wooden sculptures. *Chewing tobacco just means that they'll be listening to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson... more of a metaphorical mouthful.
  • Grab your paleontologist tools and look back in time as we explore the world of dinosaurs. We will learn about these fascinating creatures, excavate fossils, and begin our scientific DNA cloning research. Piper Jurassic Park coming soon!
  • Grow where you’re planted… or not. Our farmers will compare a variety of seeds, discuss what each plant needs to grow, and which plants can thrive (and can’t) in our environment. We’re aiming for a spread at our final class snack time, but only time will tell.
  • Climbing over the floor made of lava and crawling through tunnels to find hidden treasures are all part of the plan. Your children will conquer obstacles and go on missions together. It's no (top) secret that our missions will be safe, fun, and definitely possible!
    NOTE: All fees have been prorated in accordance with the date of enrollment.
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