• Preschool Enrichment & Extended Care | Session 2 | January 4th - March 24th

    Enrichment classes are offered from 2pm-3pm for our Ruby & Bluebell classes.
  • Piper’s budding performers will take to the stage and stretch their imaginations, experiencing improv antics, creative songwriting, and onstage performance skills, all with Piper pizzazz!
  • Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. We'll take small pieces of various materials and combine them to make patterns for our art as we discover how small pieces grow into a big picture. It'll be a total smash!
  • Put on your lab coats as we explore the ingredients to make slime with unique colors, textures, and consistencies - fluffy slime, sandy slime, glittery slime, heat sensitive slime, and so many more. It’s going to be the mess your children crave. Best part: It’s not in your home.
  • Take me out to the plaaayground. No peanuts at this park, but we've got all the right moves. Throwing, catching, kicking, and more, join us on the field. We built one... so come.
  • Come explore sounds of high and low tones through sound exploration. Coos and caws are welcome as children create beats using various materials such as percussions, chimes, drums, and more. By enrolling in this class, you agree to pay royalties for any record deals.
  • ¡Hola amigos míos! ¡Ven y únete a nosotros! (Hello my friends! Come join us!) Join our Spanish language circle time as we play, and learn, and sing together. We will build our vocabulary and discover how to express ourselves in another language all while having fun. Buenos tiempos para todos! (Good times for all!)
  • Are you finding open drawers and cabinets at home? Your child will be busy picking locks, opening doors, and solving the mysteries of velcro, door chains, and zippers. They'll explore with wrenches, hammers, and bolts. Fine motor skills will be worked to the core. No need for babyproofing for this class as curiosity is welcomed and encouraged.
  • Build It is for all of our future Frank Lloyd Wrights. Children will design, test, and build various projects throughout the session. Materials included, assembly required.
  • Grow where you’re planted… or not. Our farmers will compare a variety of seeds, discuss what each plant needs to grow, and which plants can thrive (and can’t) in our environment. We’re aiming for a spread at our final class snack time, but only time will tell.
  • From the sunlight zone to the bottomless abyss, Piper marine biologists will explore under the sea. What creatures will we find? How deep does it really go? Should we get a submarine for this adventure? Oxygen levels looking good, it’s time to dive!
    NOTE: All fees have been prorated in accordance with the date of enrollment.
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