• Preschool Enrichment | Session 3 | April 11 - June 30

    Enrichment classes are offered from 2pm-3pm for our Ruby & Bluebell classes.
  • Get ready to roar your terrible roars and gnash your terrible teeth and roll your terrible eyes and show your terrible claws! In Where the Wild Things Are, we’ll be making… MONSTERS! We will use our imaginations to create our very own fictitious critters with various art mediums. All monsters made will be given an entire personality profile: names, habitat, hobbies, diet, etc. It’s gonna be a monster mash!
  • There’s no business, like show business! In this class, your child is the actor, director, and producer. From costumes to set design, to “unique New York” and “How Now Brown Cow”, your little DiCaprios and Streeps will be dominating every category at the next award show.
  • Will it sink? Will it float? Will it absorb? Will it explode into a dancing rainbow unicorn? These are the questions your Little Scientists will explore in Sink or Swim. We’ll be splashing our way through summer with all kinds of water density experiments. So many hypotheses and discoveries to be made!
  • From matching games to guessing games, to run-around-and-get-that-silly-wiggle-energy-out games, it’s all fun and smiles in Game On! We’ll be playing some beloved schoolyard classics like Duck-Duck-Goose and Freeze dance, plus bringing hot new games into the mix (Floor Is Lava anyone?) Come play, it’s your turn!
  • Vroom Vroom! Buckle up and hammer down, because we’re going to make some fast and furious Things That Go in this woodshop class! If your little one loves to make stuff and race stuff, this is the class for them! LA traffic doesn’t scare us!
  • ¡Hola y bienvenidos a Pequeños Exploradores (Translation: Hello and Welcome to Spanish Explorers!) In this class, your little one will learn a plethora of beginner words in Spanish. By the end of the session, you’ll have the beginnings of a bilingual babe and they may or may not know how to make you a spicy margarita.
  • From the deepest oceans to the highest mountain tops, your little ones will explore all there is to know about our precious Mother Earth! We’ll be exploding volcanos, digging up fossils, and swimming with the fishes (but not in the Al Pacino way).
  • In addition to tending to Piper’s magical garden, we will be creating their very own mini-enchanted gardens to take home! Of course, a good Green-Thumb-Magician* never reveals their secrets, but we’ll give you some hints: Think fairies and Jurassic worlds!  *Yes, that’s now a thing.
  • In the summertime when the weather is high, you’ve got Splish Splash, you’ve got Splish Splash on your mind! Let’s keep these LA Piper children cool this session with some serious water play! We’ll be jumping into kiddie pools, spritzing with spray bottles, and playing with lots of frozen stuff!
  • We’re here to tantalize those taste buds with flavors from all around the world! Buckle up for a 12-week excursion, starting in Italy for some pizza and pasta, stopping in Japan to make sushi, the Middle East for some hummus, and ending in Hawaii to try some exotic fruits and make tropical smoothies! Of course, when we get back to LA we’ll have a little ice cream because that’s what we do best here!
    NOTE: All fees have been prorated in accordance with the date of enrollment.
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